Anonymous said: I would think juvia would have a big round nice squishy ass. She seems like her body would be that perfect curvy hourglass figure tbh

There shouldn’t be any doubt about that.

heikes-classy-ass replied to your post “Will you do a Gruvia Love Love Fest like the gale one?”

its like a gruvia week but only about sexy nsfw porny art xDDD

kanarenee replied to your post “Will you do a Gruvia Love Love Fest like the gale one?”

Gajevy Lovefest was pretty much ALL NSFW posts according to themes like Gruvia Week, but all… sexual.

Ohhhh, we should definitely do it then! hahaha


i should sleep.meeh
I really want that to happen S O O N ! All my Gruvia feelings… -cries-

Anonymous said: I'm a bit Silver deprived at the moment so could you maybe write some sort of AU drabble where Mika and Silver live and Gray and Juvia are engaged and Juvia visits them together with Gray up in the snowy north in their house? I mean, Silver already met Juvia so he teases the two a lot! That would be SO GREAT, so, please, if you find some time for it, it would be great!


hello anonny! sorry this is a little late, work got in the way and whatnot. lol silver’s characterization in this fic was totally inspired by how the waifu drew him, like this silly, oversentimental father, i don’t even know. it’s kinda ridiculous, maybe cracky, but i hope it’s entertaining and helps your silver-deprivation :)

“If you want to leave in an hour, we can.”

“Nonsense, Gray-sama!”

“No, really. We can even stay for thirty minutes. Maybe just fifteen.”

“But Juvia wants to see Gray-sama’s parents! Because…” She smiled with a blush, squeezing their interlinked hands, “they’re going to be Juvia’s parents too, right?”

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"This one’s a Fire Dragon. That means we’re on, Juvia!"
"Right, Gray-sama! Let’s unleash an attack formed from the might of our combined love!"

Anonymous said: Will you do a Gruvia Love Love Fest like the gale one?

I gotta be honest and say I don’t even know what this Gajevy Love Fest thing is because I’m in touch with only the Gruvia fandom.

Buy maybe you might be looking for something similar to our Gruvia Week?


I blame arlie entirely for making body shots off gray my new everything
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title: blame it on the alcohol
rating: M
summary: ‘Cause babe, you got a body I wanna run my tongue all over.

Amongst the rowdy hoots and rambunctious cheers, her bleary eyes found his, watching his lips curl in a dangerously attractive smirk. He folded his arms behind his head and reclined against the bar counter, lying on his back with his chiseled chest on proud display.

Her gaze shifted to Cana leaning over his side, tapping a rim of salt around his navel before grabbing a tequila bottle and pouring it over his stomach. Liquor slipped between the ridges of his muscles, dipping in his abdominals and running low over his hip bones.

"Ya ready, Juvia?" she slurred, flashing a drunken grin while placing a shot glass on his abs. She filled it to the rim with tequila, clumsily spilling some liquor over the edge before stepping back. "He’s all yours."

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