after ep.394


Silver would be really proud of her 

okay gruvias firtsborn is not  grisa anylonger but Silver bc i miss this idiot already 


title: tell me about it, stud

summary: Killin’ it with the dollies and playin’ back seat bingo. —’50s gruvia au.

rating: t

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You think you've fallen hopelessly in love with the enemy...
Welcome home, Gray-sama..
juvia-water-queen said: I am in love with your writings. There amazing and the lemons are hot and just sexy and I love them. I just wanted to tell you that and I can't wait till another lemon XD there just so bootyfull also the ones with the feels just get to my heart XD KK I just wanted to tell you that… BAI! Luv ya!



well aren’t you a ray of flattering sunshine >< aw geez ><

but yeah like I said I’ve got two more nsfw WIPs—no wait, three more, so don’t worry juvia-water-queen, the smut is on it’s way—eventually, when i have time + drive, but this super sweet message definitely helps kick the writing mojo into overdrive :)

however, ask and you shall receive >< i’ve had this sitting for literally months that i often forget it’s even there, but here, you can have it ♥♥ pardon the short length + literal pwpness haha -sweats- hope you like it!



The girl glanced over, pulling the hair tie out from her hair as loose blue curls fell over her shoulders. Gray was sitting on their bed, gesturing her over with his finger.

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I was going to do a short comic but then I got lazy… -__-

had the urge to draw this because Juvia’s so lovely and I just can’t even with this latest chapter ;__;


"Gray-sama, forgive me..."

Juvia don’t have to worry. Gray-sama will forgive her because she made the good choice, even if it hurts him to have lost his father again. Maybe he will comfort her, reassure her and maybe hug her… And it’ll be the very romantic episode Mashima was talking about (all Gruvia shippers are expecting this so much…)