On hate coming FROM Gruvia shippers

Ok, I don’t usually address hate posts and ship wars and such, but I’m getting really tired of going to the Gruvia tag and seeing some hate posts made by Gruvia shippers.

So, yeah, our ship is getting a lot of good moments that are gradually making it closer to canon. And yeah, there are haters who can’t handle seeing the arguments they’ve been using since the very beginning being debunked; haters who get angry because Gruvia gets moments and we dare get happy about it; and haters who make rude posts and tag them under Gruvia. But, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, be better than them.

You’re not above anyone just because you ship Gruvia and your ship is more likely to become canon than Graylu, Grayza, Graytear, Lyvia or whatever. People who ship other pairings rather than Gruvia are not dumb because “they can’t see how canon Gruvia is and insist on shipping _______.”

Surprisingly or not, people can ship pairings that aren’t canon. That doesn’t mean they can’t see “what’s right in front of them.” It just means that we, as individual human beings, have different opinions and preferences and some of us just happen to be drawn to ships that are not the “official” ones.

Graylu, Grayza, Graytear and Lyvia are not crack ships. Even if their chances of becoming canon are minimal compared to Gruvia, shippers have a basis to support these pairings, even if it’s just subjective subtext. That doesn’t mean they’re crack. You want to know what a crack pairing is? Gray and Bisca or Juvia and Nab. Other ships may not be canon but that doesn’t automatically qualify them as crack.

Also, stop assuming that Graylu shipper = Gruvia hater or things like that. (I’m using Graylu as example because this ship is the one I see Gruvia shippers bashing the most.) Multishipping is a thing, and some people (me included, even though I prefer Gruvia) like both ships. Even if a person doesn’t ship something, it doesn’t mean they’re a hater. It just means they don’t ship it.

And stop posting things like “Take that, Graylu shippers!” every time a Gruvia moment happens because even if you don’t tag it as Graylu, it’s still rude, and you could just be a decent person and not base your happiness on someone else’s misery. If you really feel the need to vent your anger regarding another ship, at least leave it out of the Gruvia tag.

TL;DR: Stop being childish, and if your OTP is going through a good phase, just enjoy it instead of bashing ships you don’t like and acting oh so superior because your ship is more likely to become canon. This fandom’s reputation is bad enough without you making it worse.



"The task entrusted to Juvia will bring forth the tears of her loved one"


How would Gray, Juvia and Silver’s happy life turn out in the future?

Damn… In any case Mr Silver is dead, dead..dead..
Even though he is such a nice guy..Gray lost so many close people.. (sob-sob).. It’s sad but he has friends that support him, and maybe some day he will notice that. Some day.. Though Mr Silver is dead, he and Gray made up. I’d like for Silver’s human life to’ve been a happy one..Gray-sama’d call him “Dad!”, no.. he’d call him “Father”, but that’s good too.

BTW, I’m sure that if Juvia had seen that moment between Gray and his dad, she’d burst into tears. I want her to’ve seen that..But Juvia wasn’t there, so it’s impossible, I understand that. Juvia doesn’t have a family and I’d like for her to have someone she could call “Father”.
It’s sad that Mr. Silver can’t be a real father…But I’m happy that even after his “death” he is looking after Gray and Juvia..

doujinshi by ジングルベルベル=ポンチョリン

translated by me


gray didn’t want a bunch of perverts creeping on his girlfriend guild mate


"  It’s not raining anymore , you happy now Juvia ? "

Kid!Gruvia dedicated to forgottenwhispersxo , thanks for being so nice and all ~

Anonymous said: Could you do Cataglottism for Gruvia, please?


Naughty Anon ~ sorry if the quality ain’t so great. I’ve had a drink or two hahaha.

Cataglottism - Kissing with tongue.

"It’s not something I can explain, Juvia, it’s just something that happens."

Gray Fullbuster had never been so flustered. They’d been dating a month now, a month filled with laughter, with gentle kisses and numerous dates. But Juvia felt she was lacking in the experience department, most specifically, in the kissing department. He took her hand within his, tracing his thumb along the back of her fingers. 

"But Juvia… wants to please Gray-Sama."

"Are you an idiot? You don’t have to do anything to please me. Just being you works."

"Does Gray-Sama… not want to kiss Juvia?"

He sighed, clearly embarrassed by their choice of topic. 

"Of course I do."

"S-sorry, Juvia is just…"

"Don’t apologise, it’s okay. Really."

"But Juvia really wants to—"

That was it. He’d had it. He couldn’t stand her making such a sombre expression any more. He leaned forward, forcing his lips against her own in a passionate kiss. Her hands moved to his chest, he could feel her fingers trembling against him with each breath. His fingers skated over her shoulder before tangling in her long, beautiful hair. He then used his other hand to tip her head, preparing for the next step. He could feel her hands shaking.

When his tongue pushed forward to trace her bottom lip, Gray’s hand shifted to where hers were pressed to his chest. He kept it there even when the fervency of their kiss increased, her mouth finally opening to allow him access. His tongue danced along hers and, after a moment, she seemed to get the hang of it. And so they kissed a while longer, the moment having an intense affect on his body. He felt hot, breathless, dizzy. Amazing.

And then he pulled back to look at her. Her cheeks were red, redder than he’d ever seen them.

"Gray-Sama…" she started, withdrawing her hands to sit them in her lap, "Juvia… is…"

He adopted a more comfortable position, keeping his eyes on her. Seeing her like this was certainly… different. She looked breathtaking. Actually, she appeared to be glowing.  

"Um, Gray-Sama?"


She jumped him, forcing him back onto the couch.

"Teach Juvia how to make love next~"


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