Gruvia week day 5 - Longing


Happy Easter, not 420, I don’t even understand where the term 420 came from. This a parody off the christmas comic where Gray always need to be naked on the holidays.

My only regret is that I did this without a reference so I din’t know Juvia hair isn’t colored in grayscale. 

Gruvia personification [] Inspired by this.


ok juvia maybe i kind of like you or something

Gray-sama wanted a Juvi-bread    )


Requested by khimmortal

Pairing: Gray/Juvia
Theme: hickeys

"Juvia? What’s wrong? …Since when did you wear scarves?"

"N-n-no reason!!"

Juvia’s eyes were wide and eyes were drawn to her as she backed up to the wall, squirming against it under Lucy’s gave. A blue scarf was around her neck, a somewhat peculiar look for the woman that wore a fur trim coat, the added accessory making her look a bit bulky.

Frowning, blonde pigtails narrowly avoided brushing against Juvia as she quickly ducked out of the way. “Are you sick?” Lucy asked.



"I-I’m all right!"

"…Fashion crises?"

"…Is it that bad?"

"Well… kind of."

Jolting, Juvia looked down and pulled the scarf off, instead grasping her fur collar tightly.

"…You’re still doing it."

"J-Juvia is?!"

"Juvia is," Lucy agreed solemnly. But as a hand reached out to try to stop her, she flinched, trying to crab walk away again. Her foot tripped over an uneven floor board and although Natsu was quick to catch her, her bare neck had dark marks that everyone was suddenly staring at, even long after hands came up to cover them.

"W-wait, Juvia, are those—?!"


"If it wasn’t Gray, then—?!"


Somewhere far away, Gray took a moment from his mission to sneeze.

"…Damnit, Juvia."


i’m pretty sure i’m spiraling towards my own demise because of these two fuckers


fairy tails …okay i couldnt resist …