[knocks at ur door at 2am] hi friend have you heard of lesbian gruvia feat. trans gray


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"I’d cross entire oceans just to have a moment of your time."

Some Gruvia for canyoudigitmotherlicker :>

hotrodren said: You should do sing, with gruvia. And make Gray do the singing 😄


This turned into a family Gruvia thing, I hope that’s okay haha. <3

Sing: I'll write a drabble of one character singing to another.

Sitting against the window, Juvia nursed her baby girl gently against her chest, rocking her side to side to try and lull her to sleep. Wrapped in a purple blanket knitted by her doting mother, little Ul reached up to pull at strands of Juvia’s hair, her grasp so gentle it had no effect on Juvia at all. She’d inherited the restless behaviour of her parents, that’s for sure.

Beyond the window snow fell gracefully from the sky, fluttering and floating in a multitude of directions. If Ul were older, Juvia would be thrilled to spend time outside in the snow with her daughter, building snowmen and leaving footprints as they walked. But that wasn’t the case this year. A newborn was better off safe and warm after all.

"You must be exhausted, Juvia."

Juvia’s gaze flit to the doorway as Gray stepped inside. He kicked off his boots and unravelled the scarf she’d given to him years ago from around his neck. He then dropped it on the coat hook beside him and shuffled into the room. 

"A little," Juvia confessed, leaning against the cold glass, "She has Gray’s energy."

"I don’t know about that," he laughed, sitting quietly beside Juvia on the window seat, "You’re pretty energetic yourself."

He had a point. “She has Gray’s eyes.”

Gray leaned in to take a closer look, a small smile tugging at his lips. Juvia could never grow tired of looking at their daughter, just as she never grew tired of looking at Gray. 

"Shall I take her for a bit?"

Juvia gave a nod and handed their daughter over to her father. He nursed her against him gently, swaying her side to side as Juvia had. She wasn’t a loud baby, not by any means. But she never wanted to sleep. And with Team Natsu actively searching and accomplishing jobs, Juvia was left to take care of their baby girl during the night. She didn’t mind, not really, they needed the jewels to look after their daughter as best they could. Those beautiful eyes made the days without Gray disappear quickly. Reaching out to touch Ul’s cheek, Juvia shifted closer to Gray, leaning her head against his shoulder. He kept his eyes on their daughter, but pushed his shoulder against Juvia’s to acknowledge her presence.

And then he started to sing. A gentle lullaby that flowed gracefully like the snow. She’d never heard anything like it. Gray’s singing voice wasn’t something to be admired by any means, but Juvia and Ul had a different opinion to everybody else. Of course they did, everything Gray did was perfect to the girls in his life. Somewhere within the end of the second chorus Juvia felt exhaustion start to creep in. Shortly after, together with her precious daughter, Juvia fell victim to Gray’s lullaby.

And together, they slept soundly under his watchful eye.


Well, yeah. Gruvia :>